Zero Carbon Project is raising USD20 million through a series of token sales.

The first stage is now live, involving a private pre-sale of our ZCC utility tokens, aiming to raise USD4 million. Purchasers can register to participate using the on-line KYC application form below.

The second stage will involve a public token sale of our ZCC utility tokens, aiming to raise USD1 million using the Gribraltar Exchange’s GBX GRID platform

The third stage will involve the sale of security tokens to raise USD15 million. The details will be provided after the public utility token sales.  



Token name ZeroCarbon
Token ticker ZCC
Tokens total supply available 240,000,000
Tokens for sale 25,000,000
Hard cap USD 5,000,000*
Soft cap USD 2,000,000*
Token price USD 0.20*
Restrictions Afghanistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea), Eritrea, Ethiopia, Former Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, Guinea-Bissau, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Mali, Myanmar, Russian Federation, Serbia, Somalia, South Sudan, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Syria, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, Ukraine, Vanuatu, Yemen, Zimbabwe.

China, the United States and Japan

Will unsold tokens be burned? Unsold tokens will be allocated to the Token Reserve
Will token be listed on Exchanges? What?  When? Currently listed on IDEX to support the purchase of ZCC tokens required to participate in the live Zero Carbon Market

Listing on Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX) after completion of public token sale.

Viewing token in MyEtherWallet Token address: 0x6737fe98389ffb356f64ebb726aa1a92390d94fb
Decimal points: 18
Token name: ZeroCarbon
Token ticker: ZCC


PRIVATE PRESALE TERMS – now open for contributions

Tokens for sale 20,000,000 ZeroCarbon tokens
Offer price 1 ETH = 650 ZCC tokens

Bonuses available for locking tokens in escrow:
– 50% additional tokens for first 10,000,000 sold
– 25% additional tokens for remaining 10,000,000 sold
– bonuses sourced from our token reserve

Hardcap USD 4,000,000*
Softcap USD 2,000,000*
Token sale contract address 0xe893d13fdd59abc8da5a9898b1b44bb563ef9978
Minimum contribution 150 ETH
Commencement dates 22-Nov-18 noon GMT
Conditions for participation Accredited investors only. KYC/AML checks on investors and source of funds
How to participate Whitelisted smart contract
Accepted currencies ETH tokens
Completion date Prior to the start of the public sale.
Once tokens are sold, or at an earlier date.
When will my tokens be transferred to my wallet? Tokens will be held in escrow and released linked to distribution of token rewards driven by an increasing consumer base.



Tokens for sale 5,000,000 ZeroCarbon tokens plus any tokens remaining from private pre-sale
Offer price USD 0.20/token*
Hardcap USD 1,000,000 plus any tokens remaining from private pre-sale @ USD 0.20*
Softcap USD 2,000,000* (including private pre-sale proceeds)
Minimum Contribution 0.1 ether
Commencement dates After completion of the private pre-sale.

Date to be announced

Accepted currencies ETH and STACS tokens
How to participate Visit for instructions to register your GBX GRID account
Conditions for participation KYC whitelisted on GBX platform
Completion date Four weeks after commencing, or once tokens are sold
When will my tokens be transferred to my wallet? After completion of the public token sale.

* Note: Where the value is set in USD this is indicative only. All amounts will be set in ETH at a price to be determined prior to the commencement of the sale round, using method outlined in Whitepaper.


The funds are required to roll out the Zero Carbon Markets globally, building the consumer base, developing additional software and services and servicing our customer base. The following diagram shows the allocation of proceeds.


The Zero Carbon token economy has been designed using the principle of constraining circulating supply growth in lock-step with increasing token demand. Smart contract have been deployed onto the blockchain to underpin this token economy.

The total supply of ZeroCarbon tokens will remain at 240 million. These are mostly locked in smart contracts and will be released into circulation following the growth in demand of tokens.

Tokens are required by energy suppliers in order to pay transaction fees, and this demand will grow as our customer base grows.

These 240 million tokens are initially allocated and released into circulation as follows:

  1. At Market launch in October 2018, there were 120,000 circulating tokens which were received by early contributors to the democratic private pre-sale.
  2. A liquidity reserve of 1 million tokens was established to meet the initial customer demand for tokens following Market launch in October. Zero Carbon are selling these to customers across IDEX a decentralised crypto exchange.
  3. An initial allocation of 8.9 million or 3.7% tokens will be released upon completion of our public token sale. These include tokens allocated for the public token sale and for partners.
  4. The remaining 230 million or 96% of tokens are locked in escrow and the consumer reward pool. These will all be released in line with customer growth, linked to the “distribute rewards” smart contract. These locked tokens include 147 million allocated for consumer rewards; and 83 million for private pre-sale, for project contributors and for reserve purposes.

Register for Zero Carbon token sale

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I understand what Zero Carbon Tokens are (and what they are not). I also understand the risks.

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