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You can contribute to tackling climate change by registering with the Project to accelerate the global transition to zero carbon energy.

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Register as a Customer

Make a difference by registering as a customer to become a custodian of the planet.

No matter where you live in the world you can take part.

By purchasing electricity through our zero carbon market you will earn valuable Energis tokens.

Customers can earn more Energis tokens by spreading the word and nominating other energy consumers to register as customers.

Zero Carbon Market

The Zero Carbon Project is rolling out zero carbon energy markets in competitive energy markets around the world with ultimately over 500 energy suppliers participating.

Zero carbon markets provide cost savings through intense competition and full transparency using like-for-like comparison.

Business consumers access our online reverse auction for even more intensive competition between energy suppliers.

Our zero carbon market will also provide zero carbon options to customers in regulated markets such as China.

Energis Tokens

The Zero Carbon Project rewards customers with Energis tokens for consuming zero carbon electricity and contributing to tackling climate change.

Consumers can secure cost savings from zero carbon markets but may need an additional Energis reward to prioritise switching.

Energis tokens are a catalyst for change to align the interests of energy consumers in the crypto-community with global climate change goals.

Energis tokens are used to pay transaction fees to use the zero carbon markets.

Who we are

The Zero Carbon Project has been established by a group of energy market professionals who are passionate about contributing to the global climate change challenge through the application of new technologies. The team works for Beond Group which is an energy and carbon consultancy servicing top end energy users such as Knight Frank, Capita and Salford City Council. Beond is an award-winning European energy consultancy based in London.

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Photo of Derek Myers

Derek Myers


Chairman of West London Climate Change Commission. Developed Beond into most innovative and highest quality energy consultancy in UK. Previously with Accenture and Macquarie Bank.

Photo of Thomas Schmitz

Thomas Schmitz

Global Green Markets Lead

Rolled out energy exchanges internationally for Deutsche Bourse. Previously worked for Enron, Constellation and Deutsche Bank.

Photo of Rob Antulov

Rob Antulov

Finance Lead

Corporate finance advisor and previously software tech entrepreneur. Previously worked for Coca-Cola Amatil and Fairfax Media head of strategy.

Photo of Philip Louw

Philip Louw

Software Lead

A leading contributor to the open source development community.

Photo of Alastair Hutson

Alastair Hutson

Europe Lead

Established European energy trading operations for large US businesses including Aquila Energy and Duke Energy; and Southern Electric in the UK.

Photo of Sarah Myers

Sarah Myers

HR Lead

Previously Director of Talent Management with Sky, Europe's most progressive media company and HR consultancy in financial services.

Photo of Ian White

Ian White

Commercial Lead

Developed sales and commercial operations at Total, France's largest energy company.

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