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Tackling Climate Change

Using Blockchain

Our Zero Carbon Market beats fossil fuel energy contracts on price.

Customers earn ZeroCarbon token rewards as a catalyst for change.

Together we can reduce global carbon emissions from energy.


What Problem are we solving?

Climate change poses catastrophic risks with uncertain timeframes.

Renewable energy technologies are responding well but they remain too expensive and so their impact on carbon emissions is slow.

Consumers are concerned about climate change but they continue to choose more affordable electricity generated from fossil fuels.

Our Solution

The Zero Carbon Project Solution

Zero carbon markets delivers lower prices by applying intense competition and allowing suppliers to offset carbon emissions using international carbon credits
Consumers benefit with lower prices, by helping tackle climate change and by earning valuable Zero Carbon token rewards
Zero Carbon tokens are rewards for consumers that tokenise the value of the future service; and can be traded on liquid third party crypto-exchanges
Suppliers benefit by winning new customer business at a low acquisition cost and by using cheaper international carbon credits

How Zero Carbon Markets Work

Suppliers of zero carbon energy can source from fossil fuels but pay a small premium to offset the carbon emissions using international carbon credits.

To cover the carbon offset premium in order to beat fossil fuel prices, our Market applies intense competition by attracting a wide range of suppliers to Market with their best zero carbon energy prices, tailored specifically to our consumers size, location and usage pattern.

  • Suppliers submit their best zero carbon energy offers
  • Offers are compared transparently using like-for-like comparisons, using an online switching system for households and an online reverse auction system for business.
  • Consumers select their preferred cheapest contract option across our Market.
  • The consumer completes the contract directly with the successful energy supplier.
Energy suppliers (or consumers) pay transaction fees for using the Zero Carbon Market. They are calculated using USD or local currencies, but the fees must be paid using Zero Carbon tokens, creating an internal demand for the tokens.
Consumers are rewarded from our reward pool smart contract. The reward pool is initially staked and then topped up by recycling up to 70% of the transaction fees received
Energy suppliers need to purchase Zero Carbon tokens to pay transaction fees. Consumers and token owners can offer to sell their Zero Carbon tokens across third party crypto-exchanges at a market price based on their own value assessment.
As our consumer base grows, the demand for Zero Carbon tokens increases to pay higher transaction fees. This increase in demand is constrained by a limited supply of Zero Carbon tokens. This is the Zero Carbon economic cycle.

How the Zero Carbon Token Economy Works

Zero Carbon tokens have been designed to be valuable in order to provide the catalyst for change and provide incentives for consumers to contribute towards tackling climate change.

Smart contracts have been deployed to the blockchain to manage the use and flow of Zero Carbon token transactions in the Zero Carbon economy.


The Zero Carbon Project has been established by a group of energy market professionals who are passionate about contributing to the global climate change challenge through the application of new technologies. The team works for Beond Group which is an energy and carbon consultancy servicing top end energy users such as Knight Frank, Capita and Salford City Council. Beond is an award-winning European energy consultancy based in London.

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Derek Myers


Chairman of West London Climate Change Commission. Developed Beond into most innovative and highest quality energy consultancy in UK. Previously with Accenture and Macquarie Bank.

Thomas Schmitz

Zero Carbon Markets Director

Rolled out energy exchanges internationally for Deutsche Bourse. Previously worked for Enron, Constellation and Deutsche Bank.

Rob Antulov

Finance Advisor

Corporate finance advisor and previously software tech entrepreneur. Previously worked for Coca-Cola Amatil and Fairfax Media head of strategy.

Philip Louw

Software Manager & Developer

A leading contributor to the open source development community.

Alastair Hutson

Europe Director & MD of Beond

Established European energy trading operations for large US businesses including Aquila Energy and Duke Energy; and Southern Electric in the UK.

Sarah Myers

HR Director

Previously Director of Talent Management with Sky, Europe’s most progressive media company and HR consultancy in financial services.

Ian White

Commercial Director

Developed sales and commercial operations at Total, France’s largest energy company.

Bok Khoo

Ethereum Smart Contract Advisor & Developer

Bok develops and audits Ethereum smart contracts for his clients which have included over 30 blockchain projects.

Charles Adams

Blockchain Marketing Consultant

Blockchain veteran with well developed technical and commercial skills.

Steven Price

Non-Executive Director

Finance director for a range of innovative high growth technology business having worked for KPMG and with clients such as Merlin Entertainment, Spire Healthcare and First Choice Holidays.



Aiming to be a world-leading institutional-grade token sale platform and digital asset exchange. Built upon principles of decentralisation and community consensus.


World’s leading crypto-community management and engagement firm with over 60 successful ICOS under their belt and a team of over 100 staff. Voted best agency by www.icobench.com/agencies.

Renowned & Co

A focused crypto marketing consultancy focused on optimising advertisement spend.


Provides both technical delivery and ICO consultancy services. They are based in Hong Kong with offices in London and Valencia.

Bok Consulting

Ethereum smart contract developers and auditors. Worked over 30 Ethereum smart contract projects since it was launched in 2015.


European energy and carbon consultancy business. Innovative energy and carbon market services provider with 1,000 clients and 30 staff based in London.

Legal Advisors

King & Wood Mallesons

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